Cronkite medical marijuana

The cannabis kitchen at Mint Dispensary in Tempe makes burgers, fries, pizzas, Mexican food and more – but only for takeout. All of the “meat” is vegan as required by Arizona health standards, which prohibits cannabis-infused meat. (Photo by Elly Lundberg/Cronkite News) Mint Dispensary in Tempe grows marijuana, such as this mature sativa plant, on the premises. Growers wait to harvest until plants are covered with white trichomes that are sticky to the touch. (Photo by Elly Lundberg/Cronkite News) On special request, the Mint Dispensary can whip up a plate-size doughnut containing 3,000mg of THC. Most of the edibles on the menu are smaller in both size and dose. (Photo by Elly Lundberg/Cronkite News) Red Eye Rooster and Gas and Grass are infused instant noodles the Mint Dispensary sells. The noodles are cooked the same way as traditional noodles-in-a-cup: just add hot water. (Photo by Elly Lundberg/Cronkite News) Sativa and indica are the two most common types of cannabis. Sativa cannabis (pictured) usually takes eight weeks to reach the harvesting stage. Sativa is associated with higher levels of energy, whereas indica provides a greater sense of body relaxation. (Photo by Elly Lundberg/Cronkite News) Javier Torres, a patient consultant at Giving Tree, a marijuana dispensary in north Phoenix, showcases various products. Edibles are big sellers, he says. (Photo by Grayson Schmidt/Cronkite News)