Chile’s Boric attempts relaunch as honeymoon ends abruptly

              FILE - Chile's new President Gabriel Boric and first lady Irina Karamanos are driven to the Cathedral to attend a Te Deum celebration hymn, in Santiago, Chile, March 12, 2022. As a candidate, Boric vowed to bring a seismic shift in the political landscape but now some of his voters are disappointed that change appears slow. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix, File)
              FIE - Soldiers patrol the front of a provincial government building in Arauco, in the Araucania region of southern Chile, Oct. 14, 2021. Chilean President Gabriel Boric said this week he was analyzing the possibility of allowing the military to assist in law enforcement duties in the violence-ridden south of the country where truckers are blocking key roads demanding action to assure their safety. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Saavedra, FIle)
              FILE - Chilean President-elect Gabriel Boric, center, greets supporters as he leaves the La Moneda presidential palace after meeting with President Sebastian Pinera in Santiago, Chile, Dec. 20, 2021. As opinion polls show Boric with a marked erosion of support since taking office, the 36-year-old president has declared the transition period has ended and called on his ministers act with “a sense of urgency” to deal with the demands of Chileans.(AP Photo/Esteban Felix, File)
              FILE - Chilean President Gabriel Boric rubs his chin during a press conference with European Union Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell at La Moneda Presidential Palace in Santiago, Chile, April 2022. President Gabriel Boric of Chile is attempting to relaunch an administration that has plunged in popularity less than two months since he made headlines around the world for becoming the country’s youngest president and a possible symbol for a resurgent left wing in South America. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix, File)