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A first for Phoenix: Topless march along Central Avenue

PHOENIX – They came to protest what they call clothing inequality.

By going topless in Phoenix on Sunday, a group — consisting of both women and men — hoped to draw attention to laws banning women from baring their breasts, but not requiring men to the same.

Jenna Duffy, 27, organized the event in Phoenix after learning more about a Go Topless, U.S-based group behind the international movement for gender equality.

Duffy said women should have the same right that men do to be topless in public, adding that the movement is about freedom and she’d like to be able to go to the lake and swim topless without worrying about being ticketed for indecent exposure.

About three dozen people gathered at Steele Indian School Park on Sunday to participate in the topless protest. The protestors were a mix of males and females. Their signs and bare tops attracted dozens of spectators who snapped plenty of photos.

Duffy said Phoenix law requires women to cover their nipples and areolas, so protestors used duct tape in the shape of an “X” to signify censorship.

“Women should be able to wear what they want.” said Stella Sgro, 91, adding the fact that, when she was young, she was kicked out of church for wearing pants.

Go Topless Day was marked with similar events in about 25 other U.S. cities.