Steve Kates

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Steve Kates “Dr. Sky” has been engaged in the science of astronomy, space, aviation and weather since a young child. Kates was a child model of the 1960s, having appearing in many TV commercials and product ads while in New York City. During high school, Steve was awarded many gold medals for his record-setting events in the 440 yard and 880 yard races. During his college years, he was a student of the legendary astronomer Clyde Tombaugh at New Mexico State University, the discoverer of the then-known planet, Pluto. A natural on both radio and TV, Steve Kates “Dr. Sky” is an “edutainer” with expertise in the realms of astronomy, space, aviation and weather, with radio shows and TV experience from New York’s 77 WABC, to his decade-long radio show, the Dr. Sky Show heard on KTAR News 92.3 FM in Phoenix, as well as a decade-long correspondent on the popular radio show, Coast To Coast AM, with George Noory. Steve also has a long relationship on air, with Arizona’s 3TV and Fox 10, as well as AZTV. He can be reached at