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  • The trials of Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Expert legal opinions

    This week's Think Tank brings in two of the most informed individuals on the legal issues surround Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
  • Post-Democratic presidential debate analysis

    The leading Democratic candidates for president finally faced off against one another this week. Here are some questions we’ll discuss: Did Hillary Clinton maintain her front-runner status? Does her nomination seem inevitable again? Did the debate serve to stall her recently falling poll numbers or are they likely to accelerate their recent downward trend? Is Bernie […]
  • The Middle East: Crossroads of civilizations

    I’ve just spent a month in Greece and Turkey. This week’s show shares some of my observations. I am certainly not an expert, but did spend the month talking to a wide range of people from the area, most far more informed than I was. There were some surprises: For example, I had never heard […]
  • We bring in a historian to cap our Arizona history series

    Perspectives on Arizona History, Part 4 of 4: Historian Jack August Jack August has written more books than anyone we know about significant historical figures from Arizona’s recent history. That’s why we asked him to bat cleanup in our four-part series on recent Arizona history. We review the last three week’s discussions with Arizona state […]
  • Former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington joins the Think Tank

    Perspectives on Arizona History, Part 3 of 4: Gov. Fife Symington He is our sole guest in this our third of four shows retracing Arizona history. We promise a fascinating insight into a most interesting man — and at least one blockbuster statement. You’ll have to listen in to know what that one is, but […]
  • The most powerful man in Arizona you may not have heard of

    Perspectives on Arizona History, Part 2 of 4: Dick Mallery You have probably heard the references: Charter government, the Phoenix 40, greater Phoenix leadership. In short, the men (and they were originally all men — and white men at that) who ran Arizona. This week’s guest was INSIDE the room when the Phoenix 40 was […]
  • Perspectives on Arizona history, part 1 of 4

    Part 1 of 4: Marshall Trimble Marshall Trimble is a storyteller, troubadour, a real cowboy and the official Arizona state historian. A native of Ashfork, Arizona, he can spin tales of the state’s history like no one else. He has popularized Arizona history not unlike Carl Sagan did with science. (Substitute Neil deGrasse Tyson for […]
  • We talk to Jack Lunsford, one of Arizona’s movers and shakers

    Jack Lunsford has participated in the development of policy in Arizona at multiple levels for several decades. He was county assessor in Coconino County and, at age 26, was the youngest in state history. He was the founding director of Government Relations & External Affairs (read: lobbyist) for the Maricopa Community Colleges for 20 years, working with the state’s […]
  • Special back to school episode

    Cathy Small is a professor who posed as a student, lived in dorm, observed students in their natural habitat, asked probing questions and wrote a book about it: “My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student.” What she found out is interesting, and some of it will be a shock to parents […]
  • Steve Goldstein and Mike O’Neil: Political Potpourri

    On this week's Think Tank, Steve and Mike discuss several hot political topics: