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Study: Arizonans need to earn $32K to be considered ‘middle class’

New analysis finds Arizona in the middle of the pack in the roundup of how much people in each state need to earn, in order to be considered “middle class.”

According to Business Insider research based on Pew and U.S. Census data, Arizonans need to earn at least $32,340 to be considered middle class.

“Middle class” is a tricky concept. Depending on where you live, you can feel middle class earning as much as $250,000 a year — about five times the US median income of $52,250 from the same time period.

What middle class means and how much middle class citizens earn varies state to state. Maryland tops the list with a median household income of $72,483. Arizona’s median is $48,510. Mississippi sits at the bottom with $37,963.