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Let’s be honest: Political parties are picking the nominees, not the voters

On Thursday, we learned the Republican Party is thinking about changing a primary rule that was created back in 2008.

Eight years ago, the party implemented a rule that required a candidate to win a certain number of state primaries to become the nominee. It did this to eliminate the risk of a perennial second-place finisher from gathering enough delegates for the nomination.

So, in 2016, the party finds itself with no other option than overturning its own rule if it wants to nominate someone not named Donald Trump or Ted Cruz at the July convention.

Voters, namely Trump fans, are furious about this!

Look, they can scream and holler all they want. The fact remains that the voters have NO say in the nominee selection process. It’s all a show.

You need to understand that there are no constitutional protections for voters when it comes to primaries!

The respective parties make their own rules — that they can change at any time — play their own game and the voter is powerless to stop them.

In theory, the Republican Party could call 100 random phone numbers and award the nomination to the most popular nominee and there is nothing voters could do.

And it’s not just the Republicans. The superdelegates in the Democratic Party are flexing their muscles.

Superdelegates do not act on behalf of the voters. They work on behalf of the party itself.

They are used to weigh the delegate count for the candidate that the party feels has the best chance to win in the general election.

This boils down to bad news for all you Bernie Sanders supporters out there.

Ol’ Bernie has a huge portion of the Democrat base “feeling the Bern,” but the only thing that will get burned is his shot at the nomination.

The Democrats have already shown they have selected Hillary Clinton as their ultimate nominee and the superdelegates have their marching orders.

You see, BOTH parties are falling all over themselves in this primary season. They are exposing themselves not as representatives of the people, but as a group of power players bent on retaining that power.

All we can do is stay calm, grab some popcorn and watch the selection of the nominees unravel.

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