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April Fools, pranksters rule! And they’re all over the place

An April Fools’ Day without pranks is the equivalent of everybody just giving up to the joyless. Think Eeyore times a gabillion. Ack!

One day a year the world can embrace the trickery and for 2015, that day was Wednesday.

Here are some of the highlights of the tomfoolery on the Internet:

(Facebook Photo)

Southwest Air posted to Facebook about its new promotion: bag fee bandwagon bonanza.

The changes included fees of $400 for bags of certain colors, but double for teens and passengers over 6 feet tall. Two-wheeled bags required clearance a year ahead of departure date.

The discount carrier pretty much continued its poking of rivals’ fees in the video.

Downtown Tempe Authority gleefully noted that Martha Stewart, fresh off her ribald appearance at the roast of Justin Bieber, was named his cohost for the Annual State of Downtown Address.

(Twitter Photo)

That’s … brilliant. Points for boldness — Martha was not PG in the least — and extra points for mocking state of the whatever addresses.


Movie rental company Redbox decided it was time for animals to pony up a buck to watch a video, for the day.

Puppies don’t have pockets — where do they put their car keys and wallet?

The oh-so-serious particle physicists of the European Organization for Nuclear Research momentarily vindicated all the “Star Wars” believers with that tweet.

Also across the pond, the Brits had a little fun with Marmite, their popular-for-generations snack spread.

For the curious, Marmite actually looks this:

(Twitter Photo)

Hmm. Kinda looks better the fake way.