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Battle of feds vs. Apple over San Bernardino iPhone came down to civil liberties

It looks like the Apple versus FBI saga is over now that the FBI’s figured out how to get into that elusive iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter.

How did they do it?

Well, it seems they did it with a third-party that is not going to be named.

Here’s one of the reasons why I have a problem with this whole thing: The government said it had exhausted all options attempting to crack this iPhone. They sued Apple and a judge ordered them to crack the phone.

When Apple stood their ground — and I applaud them for standing their ground — the feds magically found a third-party!

Where is this third-party? Shouldn’t they be taking a bow? Shouldn’t they be taking a victory lap?

They broke the code! They found the Holy Grail of hacks.

Yet they stay silent? Not likely.

Most likely this was the FBI, CIA or the NSA. Heck, it could have been the TSA! Wait, they can’t even do their own job!

In the end, the government comes away from this looking like, well, the government and Apple will walk away from this unscathed as a champion of consumer rights, information protection and security.

I’ll have to admit I was cheering for Apple the entire way as they were on the right side of civil liberties.

It’s not over. The underlying battle will continue to rage on between those that think our personal information should be secure versus those that think our government should have the right to all of our personal information in the name of national security.

The key takeaway from the story of Apple versus the FBI is simple: It’s that we have civil liberties. We have a right to privacy.

And we can’t get scared into giving up our constitutional freedoms just because bad guys can get iPhones.

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