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‘Batman v. Superman’ won battle with moviegoers, box office — but not critics

(Image illustration from Facebook/Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice)

In case you couldn’t tell, a LOT is being made of the much-hyped Batman v. Superman movie.

News articles just can’t seem to simply deliver the opening weekend box office numbers without including the fact that the critics butchered the film.

(The film, by the way, made a cool $420 million worldwide its first weekend. Not too shabby.)

In the movie biz, critics talk and box office money walks — and this movie is walking all over the critics.

How can that be? Don’t we listen to the critics? Aren’t they the final word in all things good and bad cinema?


It is evident thanks to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. You know, the clowns that vote for the Academy Awards, aka the Oscars.

For years, this group of snobs has shown us just how out of touch they are with us, the average moviegoers.

Do any of the Academy voters really think that I want to spend my hard-earned money on a babysitter, dinner and tickets to “My Left Foot” or “The Danish Girl”?

The sad answer is, YES, yes they do!

Once again, they show just how much they don’t know about me, or you, or any other “normal” American that just wants to be entertained.

We just want to suspend disbelief for a few hours. We want to turn off our brains and enjoy watching our childhood heroes battle it out on screen.

We don’t want to be challenged or forced to read subtitles (ugh!), no matter how cool that might sound to the collegiate, coffeehouse crowd.

Critics watch more than 100 movies per year. Their bar is set so high that they don’t remember what its like to just sit back, relax, and allow the film to transport them to, I don’t know, a galaxy far, far away.

So great job, America. This past weekend you showed these slappies who’s boss.

They told you not to see a movie that didn’t meet their standards, but you knew better and had a great time proving them wrong!

So keep up the good work.

Go ahead, see that new kids movie — without your kids. See that romantic comedy sequel that just replays the funny lines from the first one.

Why? Because they made you laugh the first time, that’s why.

Don’t be ashamed — Just go have some fun!

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