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Donald Trump, Ted Cruz dragging wives into election is politics at its worst

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It’s a sad fact for most of us that electoral politics have taken a very ugly turn.

Long gone are the days of respecting your opponent and simply presenting your ideas and plans for your time in office. You know, like grownups?

Political commercials used to hype a candidate as a “true American” that can lead this great nation. Ah, the good ol’ days.

Now, it’s a televised food fight!

Forget about what you can do for the country, it’s what lie the other candidates are caught in or — wait — how ugly or hot their wives are?


Over the past few days, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have taken to social media, like you do, to spar over the aesthetics of their prospective first lady candidates.

Ladies and gentlemen, our politicians have now broken a MAJOR rule of engagement.

Here’s what I mean: I am a very proud father of two. Both of them are chips off of the ol’ block. They love talking trash just as much as I do — and that’s a lot.

For years this has been my way of saying, “You’re one of my people. I feel comfortable with you.” And I never take it too far. Even my kids know the rules!

We ALL know the rules of trash talking: wives, moms, sisters and daughters are always OFF LIMITS!

But since the candidates brought them up…

As far as Mrs. Cruz in concerned, I’ll say it. She’s not bad. Teddy is definitely batting above his average here. Well done, Mr. Cruz.

As far as Mrs. Trump is concerned, let’s face it, she’s a supermodel. Trump was batting above his average until he became a billionaire, but now he’s right on par. Just saying.

Now, back to the campaigns. This nonsense will soon bite both of them where it hurts: voter appeal.

Why? Because we all know the rules! We know what happens when the rules are broken.

And let’s just say that these two clowns don’t have the brass to take THAT step And THAT will ultimately hurt their quasi-tough guy brands.

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