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Warm February puts smiles on faces in Phoenix

PHOENIX — The groundhog that predicted six more weeks of winter was far away from the Valley at the time.

There have been 10 days of 80-degrees or better in the Valley in February, and Friday could be another.

The record for 80-degree days locally was set in 1991. That year, there were 16 days at or above 80.

Jessica Nolte with the National Weather Service said it was unlikely the record would fall this year but it is still one of the warmest Februarys.

“We’ve had several days where our daytime highs have been 5, 10 and even 15 degrees above normal for the Phoenix area, so it has been a warm February,” she said.

“There have been very few days where we’ve been anywhere near normal. We started off the month around 70 degrees and gradually warmed up as we got later in the month.”

Temperatures will cool down a bit this weekend, dropping into the 70s.

Warmest Februarys (80 degrees or more) in Phoenix on record:

No. of days Year
16 1991
13 1954
12 2014, 1930
11 1981

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