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Armed robbery suspect set sights on Phoenix Dollar Tree, Sally Beauty

(AP Photo, File)

An armed robber suspect is targeting Dollar Tree and Sally Beauty Supply stores in the Phoenix area.

“These people have been traumatized by these robberies,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Jamie Rothschild said.

The string of crimes appears to have started in July 2015.

“It appears the suspect waits in the parking lot and scopes out the business,” Rothschild said, adding that at least four locations have been hit.

The man sits in his PT Cruiser in the dark, watching the unsuspecting clerk. At closing time, after the last customer leaves, he makes his move. He enters the store, pulls out a gun and demands cash.

The suspect is shown. (Silent Witness Photos)

Most robbers would leave after getting the money, but not this guy.

“He sticks around and forcefully shoves and pushes the clerk to the back of the store,” Rothschild said.

“Then he uses whatever he can find to tie up the victim so they can’t call for help.”

Luckily no one has been hurt. But Rothschild said this is a scary reminder to anyone working in retail, especially anyone left alone to close the store, to always keep an eye on what’s happening outside, as well as inside.

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