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Get Outdoors Rookie Camp with Monica Lindstrom: Shooting range

I have found that so many of the crew here at KTAR News and Arizona Sports have not been exposed to the wonderful world of the outdoors.

I will be taking one of the poor souls out of their element and to the outdoors each month. We will have some fun. We will have some laughs and maybe some friendly competition.

This month, KTAR/Arizona Sports legal analyst Monica Lindstrom joined in my reindeer games.

A few months ago, I asked Monica what type of firearm she had for home protection. She responded that she didn’t know but she knew that it was there and how to get to it!

She added that she had NEVER FIRED THE GUN!

So I enlisted our friends at Scottsdale Gun Club to walk Monica through…well…darn near every firearm made.

Check out the piece of awesomness that we wrapped up with…WOW!

It’s wall to wall gun fun, enjoy!

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