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Don’t bug me: Early heat bringing out Arizona’s scorpions

PHOENIX — As Arizona’s weather begins to transition from winter to spring, scorpions will begin coming out of the woodwork in search of food and water.

Blue Sky Pest Control President Nathan Wolfe said the sooner homeowners can take steps to prevent the pests from getting indoors, the better.

“Seal any common places where they’re going to enter the home like a doorway,” he said. “Then buy a regular pest management program where you’re treating those places where they’re going to nest and breed.”

Wolfe said one of the most common areas for scorpions to breed is the block wall surrounding Arizona yards.

“Almost every home here has a perimeter block wall,” he said.

Another measure to prevent scorpions from getting into your home is to keep your yard in order and avoid creating conditions the critters are looking for.

“If you have leaf litter under bushes, or bushes close to the home, you want to trim those back six inches from your home and make sure that the leaf litter is up,” he said. “Make sure that your drip system is not over-watering the yard. If you have potted plants, make sure that you get those up off of the ground.”

Wolfe said homeowners should have pest control companies spray their home and yard regularly to help prevent scorpions.

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