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Council working to help Valley veterans with mental health issues

PHOENIX — A valley group says it’s trying to help veterans get some answers.

Veterans who are suffering from mental health problems may have some issues in trying to use the Veterans Administration Hospital in Phoenix.

“They might have trouble getting to (VA) services in a timely matter,” said Geoff Davis, the Chairman of the Phoenix Veterans Mental Health Advocacy Council. “For some of them, it’s getting to the correct service for whatever is ailing the individual veteran.”

Another issue is emergency transportation. “If a vet wants to go to the veteran’s hospital, but the ambulance company will only take them to the nearest hospital, what happens there?” Davis asked.

That’s where the Advocacy Council may be able to help.

“What the council does, specifically, is that it acts as a body where veterans can come with family members and talk about the issues they’re having with the mental health services here,” said Davis. “We, in turn, can share those with the administration here, and, hopefully, create change and improve those services.”

For more information about the Council, you can call Davis at (602) 469-7154.