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Valley-made device prevents ID theft, distracted driving

LISTEN: Valley-made device prevents ID theft, distracted driving

PHOENIX — A Phoenix-area company has developed a device designed to block identity theft and prevent distracted driving.

It’s called the Super Stealth.

“You put your cell phone in, you wrap it up before you drive, and then when you get to a safe destination, you take your cell phone out and you retrieve your messages,” said Daniel Hilburn, CEO of Rapp IT Up Wireless Security. “And you’re not tracked at the same time.”

The Super Stealth is a specially-designed sleeve that shields cell phones from electronic magnetic interference (EMI) while saving 15 percent of battery life. The sleeve also helps prevent distracted driving.

“When your cell phone is inside of a Super Stealth, it stops all wireless communications to and from your cell phone,” he said. “No one will be able to call you or send you text messages.”

Hilburn said the sleeve also removes the temptation to use a phone while driving.

To fund production of the product, Hilburn has set up an IndieGoGo.