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Arizona’s best and worst foodie cities for cost

Going out to eat can be expensive — especially if you fancy quality over quantity. Where can you go to ensure you get a quality meal at an affordable price?

Wallet Hub put together the best and worst cities for foodies on a budget. They looked at the 150 most populated U.S. cities and ranked them based on affordability and diversity, accessibility and quality. Nine Arizona cities made the list.

Tempe led all Arizona cities, coming in at No. 34 of the list. Tucson was close behind, ranking No. 40.

There was a bit of a drop off before getting to Phoenix, which ranked in the bottom half of this list at No. 98. However, Phoenix ranked highest in affordability (No. 24) of any Arizona city.

Clustered together near the bottom of the list are the cities of Glendale (No. 118), Mesa (No. 120), Chandler (No. 121) and Gilbert (No. 123). Neither of those cities ranked in the top 50 in either affordability or quality.

Peoria was not far behind the pack at No. 137.

For some, the most surprising ranking on this list is the placement of Scottsdale at fifth from the bottom (No. 146), lowest of all Arizona cities. Scottsdale was certainly hurt by its affordability ranking of 130, but its diversity, accessibility and quality ranking of 116 was not much better.

So the next time you are thinking about eating out, remember which cities give you the most bang for your buck.