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Middle-aged women need to be aware, careful of allergies

Many things get better with age, allergies is not one of them.

According to a Scottsdale doctor who specializes in internal medicine, as women reach 30s the production of estrogen begins to decline. This can exacerbate allergy symptoms and predispose women to chronic upper respiratory or sinus infections.

“Estrogen not only helps keep vaginal health, keeping plump and viable so we don’t have painful intercourse,” said Dr. Angela DeRosa,” but it also affects the mucous membranes in our nasal passage and airways.”

According to DeRosa, the lack of estrogen causes the mucous membrane to thin and dry out, allowing more allergens and infectious agents to enter through the dry, cracked layer.

“It’s important for women to stay hydrated,” said DeRosa. “Use neti pots and nasal washes to keep the area moist, but if there’s a hormonal imbalance, estrogen therapies can help if medically appropriate.”