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Pot-infused candy becomes parents’ new worry over Halloween

PHOENIX — Drug experts are warning parents it’s important to pay close attention to the candy kids bring home this Halloween.

Marijuana-infused candy is becoming increasingly popular in the world of drugs.

“It’s hard to identify, if almost impossible to identify, the candy that is infused with marijuana and the candy that is not,” said Justin McBride, program manager at

It’s not just pot-laced candy parents should be worried about — several other drugs can be easily mistaken for candy.

“You also have prescription medications which, when mixed up in a colorful bunch, it can look just like candy to a kid,” McBride said. “Even things like Ecstasy, they come with smiley faces and colorful shapes and imprints on them.”

That’s why parents need to keep a close eye on their young trick-or-treaters.

“How many other times during the year do we let our kids walk around the streets, get candy from strangers and just pop it in their mouth without questioning it?” McBride said.

Parents should inspect all the candy their children bring home to avoid a drug disaster.

“They need to first look at the packaging,” McBride said. “Rule of thumb — if it’s not the original packaging or if it looks tampered with even if it maybe just got torn open in the bag, play it safe, toss it out. There’s no reason to take that chance.”