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Metro Phoenix doctor wants more direction for handling Ebola

PHOENIX — A private-practice doctor in Scottsdale said she was doing what she could to ensure the health and safety of her staff and patients in light of the Ebola cases in the United States.

“The odds of somebody walking into my office with Ebola are low, I can’t imagine that will ever happen, but we need be prepared just in case,” said Dr. Angela DeRosa, an internist.

“As I am watching this whole thing evolve in Dallas, I have some concerns it is not being properly managed. I’m hopeful, they’ll contain it, but if they lose sight of it, it can become a big problem. That’s scary,” she said.

DeRosa was working closely with staff to develop protocol on how to deal with a situation that could potentially involve the deadly virus. Depending on the symptoms discussed, the staff will ask callers about their recent travels. What will be tricky is dealing with patients as the flu season approaches.

“Most doctors are not being informed by the CDC of how to properly screen and identify those patients in day-to-day clinics,” DeRosa said.

“I have taken the liberty of going on the CDC website and the Arizona Department of Health’s site and there is some good information there, but no one is giving us direction and they should be.”