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Analyst: Arizona GOP has little chance of winning Hispanic vote

PHOENIX — While Republicans in surrounding states are making in-roads with the growing Hispanic vote, it won’t be easy for Arizona GOP candidates to go the same route.

“As of the upcoming general election on Nov. 4, Hispanics make up about 30 percent of Arizona’s population,” political analyst Mike O’Neil said. “The (Arizona) Republican Party would absolutely love to have Hispanics, but I don’t see them doing what it would take to get them.”

O’Neil said the GOP had only itself to blame with conservative-controlled lawmakers introducing policies such as SB 1070, known as the anti-immigration law.

“It’s not only illegal immigration, you have a tin ear on issues like in-state tuition, dreams, the whole party has an anti-Hispanic tinge to it,” he saidd.

To hear Arizona Republicans are making a run for Hispanic voters three weeks out from the election, O’Neil laughed.

“I think this is the equivalent of hiring a mariachi band and thinking that’s going to appeal to Hispanic voters,” he said.

O’Neil predicted it will take at least another election cycle for memories to fade.