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University of Arizona opens children’s neurology center

PHOENIX – The University of Arizona has opened the doors to a major new pediatrics center in Tucson.

The new PANDA Children’s Neurological Center opened with donation help from the UA Steele Children’s Research Center and is unlike any other in Tucson, according to Doctor Mo Mortazavi, who specializes in pediatric sports medicine.

“(It has) everyone in one place that can provide these kids all the different clinical aspects of their care that they need,” he said.

The multispecialty center is able to treat many different types of neurological disorders and injuries, according to Mortazavi.

“Severe TBI (or) traumatic brain injury, autism, cerebral palsy, etc.,” he said.

Other treatments include those for concussions, seizures and epilepsy, and behavioral and developmental disorders.

Mortazavi said having many different types of specialties under one roof helps allow the center to provide a very comprehensive list of treatments, which helps reduce injury and improve recovery times.

“Same day, next day, it’s that kind of access to care that is our goal,” Mortazavi said.

The new center is located at the UA Medical Center Children’s Multispecialty Clinic at 535 N. Wilmot Road in Tucson.