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Blast off! Astronaut Scott Kelly dresses up as gorilla to celebrate year in space

This July 12, 2015 photo made available by NASA, astronaut Scott Kelly poses for a selfie photo in the "Cupola" of the International Space Station. (Scott Kelly/NASA via AP)

There’s some monkeying around going on at the International Space Station — literally.

In order to celebrate nearing the end of a more than year-long mission to study the long-term effects of spaceflight, astronaut Scott Kelly decided to break out a gorilla suit and have a little fun with zero gravity.

According to Mashable, the suit was a part of a care package from Kelly’s twin brother and retired NASA astronaut Mark, who decided to share the video on his own Twitter as well.

Kelly, who will hold the United States record for most consecutive days in space — 520, to be exact — will return to Earth on March 1.

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