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Survey: Most Americans haven’t taken a day off yet in 2014

Take a break already, America.

Half of the country has not taken a vacation day yet in 2014, according to a recent survey taken by

The survey is part of a two-month series that aims to examine the work habits of Americans. Other parts of the project found that only 13 percent of Americans traveled abroad for holidays last year, and almost half of respondents said they did not take a single day off this summer. Also, 63 percent of adult Americans haven’t traveled in the last year, and only 10 percent travel frequently for business.

The survey was summarized by Skift writer Rafat Ali, who notes:

“The overworked, under-vacationed and under-traveled American is a cliche, for a reason. This country needs to fix its vacation policies at work, and the travel industry needs to figure out better ways to get Americans to take a break.”

Another important indicator from the survey’s charts shows that women, young people, older people and lower-income Americans are among those who take the least amount of vacations.