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Sports betting changes in New Jersey could influence change in Arizona

So how is your fantasy football team doing right now?

Believe it or not, if you play fantasy football in Arizona, you are breaking the law. That’s because it is technically illegal in this state.

“By reading the statute, there are some problems with fantasy football in Arizona,” said Valley attorney Travis Leach. “I do think that there will be movements again to try to correct that.”

Many experts in the sports betting industry say that a recent decision in New Jersey could lead to changes in sports betting all over North America. Gov. Chris Christie issued a directive last month to let New Jersey’s casinos and racetracks offer sports betting.

“I think you’re seeing a little bit of movement towards accepting this as an activity that was once being frowned upon (and) is not being frowned upon any longer,” Leach said.

A bill that would have made fantasy football legal died in the Arizona Senate earlier this year. The managing editor of the sports information website, Jon Campbell, says that Minnesota will reintroduce a similar bill there in January.

Leach believes that laws governing sports betting in Arizona may need to be updated.

“Statutes have to catch with real life,” said Leach. “I think you’ll eventually see some changes to make those technical legal arguments go away.”