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Phoenix teen ‘shakes it off’ at supermarket to Taylor Swift hit

PHOENIX — A Cactus Shadows High School student got the attention of music star Taylor Swift by dancing in a supermarket.

Meet Mackenzie Coffman.

The 17-year-old showed off her dance moves (much to the confusion of some market patrons) at the Fry’s food store at Cave Creek Road and Tatum Boulevard to the tune of Swift’s popular song “Shake It Off”.

The song is about dancing like nobody’s watching, and Coffman did just that by shimmying up and down aisles and pop-locking in the produce section.

“The whole song is just about being yourself and not really caring what people think of you,” she said. “I just decided to dance and not hold back and see what people would do.”

Though some shoppers looked confused, other joined in Coffman’s happy antics.

Swift saw the video, which already has over 500,000 hits on YouTube, and tweeted it out to her followers, saying “Just smiled so big as I watched this girl joyously dance-bomb a Whole Foods like a champion”.

“I still honestly cannot verbalize how happy I am that (Swift) saw it,” said Coffman.