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Blog finds Jose Cuervo is the most-Googled brand in Arizona

Arizonans have margaritas on the mind, apparently.

A financial blog has released a graphic of each state’s most popular brand by Google searches, and in Arizona, the winning company is Jose Cuervo.

Here was Direct Capital’s methodology for finding the top brand in each state, as posted on the lending firm’s Point Blank blog.

We compiled our list of top brands by state using keyword search popularity from Google Trends. The Google Trends tool provides data for the history and volume of Google searches performed for branded terms, as well as the popularity of a branded searches across different cities and states in the U.S.

The site went even further, showing each state’s second- and third-most popular companies.

In the Grand Canyon State, electric guitar manufacturer Ibanez was the second-favorite brand, while Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) came in third.

If we’re going by Google searches, then Arizonans apparently like “slappin’ da bass” while munching on some fried chicken and sipping on some tequila. OK, maybe not all at one time.

Arizona is far from the only state to have an alcohol company be its most-searched brand. Below are some other brands that came in first — and the states, from west to east, where they recorded the feat.