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How climate change impacts Arizona compared to the rest of the U.S., by season

Arizona reached its earliest 90-degree day on Wednesday, Feb. 17, and it comes as no surprise that climate change across years — and decades — is a worldwide phenomenon.

Every season is slowly getting warmer in every part of the lower 48 United States, with the exceptions of summers in the Dakotas and Iowa, according to this interactive map procured by Climate Central.

But depending on geography, weather patterns, location to water sources and other factors, each state has warmed over the course of decades in different ways. The season matters, too.

How fast is Arizona warming each season compared to the rest of the country?

Let’s take a look at the graphic above based on degrees of change per decade since the 1970s:

Winter: Arizona is warming during winter relatively slowly compared to the rest of the United States, ranking 44th. The states warming the most are all closest to the north pole.

Spring: The Grand Canyon State has warmed in spring more than any other state. Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico are right there with Arizona.

Summer: It’s only getting hotter. Arizona ranks eighth in warming rate during the summer.

Fall: Arizona ranks fifth in warming rate among the lower 48. A band of quickly-warming states stretches all the way down along the Rocky Mountain states from Canada. The northeast and Minnesota are also warming quickly in the fall.

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