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Looking back: A timeline of the Jodi Arias murder case

For more than six years, Jodi Arias’ life has been consumed by the allegations, trials and sentencing surrounding the 2008 death of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Thousands of people have followed her case as each detail was revealed, whether it was salacious or gruesome.

But the slow-turning wheel of justice may finally be coming to the end of its journey. On Sept. 29, jury selection will begin for the retrial of the penalty phase of Arias’ case. This new jury will try to do what the previous one could not: decide if Arias will be sentenced to death or to a life in prison.

If things go as planned on Sept. 29, three panels of 100 jurors each will be called in and brought up to the courtroom to be questioned and either rejected or accepted for the jury.

However, Arias’ case has a history of not going as planned. Ever since Alexander’s death, the case has twisted and turned with Arias’ changing defense, new evidence being presented and Arias eventually asking to represent herself in court.

The following timeline recounts the dramatic events of the Jodi Arias investigation, indictment and trials, as they have been followed by intrigued Americans.

September 2006