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Survey: Parents shelling out big bucks for back-to-school needs

PHOENIX — Kids are back in school, but it’s Mom and Dad who are getting “schooled” in the checkout lines.

A new survey by said parents pay an average of $263 per child for the back-to-school stuff kids need.

In addition, about nine in 10 parents said their child participates in extra-curricular activities, so they are actually paying more.

“Parents are anticipating spending about $400 per child to fund any extra-curricular activities that their child may be involved with,” said shopping expert Trea Bodge.

And if you think it’s just the kids who play sports, guess again.

“There are dues for certain clubs, like the drama club or the chorus,” Bodge said. “There might be a uniform that they need to wear and costumes for the school play.”

Bodge said that there’s a way to save money buying band instruments and other extra-curricular needs.

“Buy them used on Craigslist or on eBay,” advised Bodge. “If your child changes their mind about what they’re participating in, you can actually sell the item back and make back your investment.”

Nearly 91 percent of parents responding to the survey are glad to have their kids back in school. Parents said that their house is quieter with the kids gone and that they no longer have to worry about how to keep their kids busy, like they did during the summer.