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Valley police, FBI crackdown on prostitution

PHOENIX — Valley police are cracking down on the world’s oldest profession but instead of rounding up prostitutes, they are going after johns.

On Wednesday, police agencies around the nation teamed up with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to stop sex-trafficking.

“A lot of the women are pushed into that by predators and by criminals that force them to conduct these type of acts,” Chandler Police Sgt. Joe Favazzo said.

Favazzo said the week leading up to the crackdown is about sending a message to would be sex buyers.

“If you get caught, you’re going to be arrested,” he said. “If you’re driving your car, your cars going to be towed and put into a 30-day impound and you’re going to run the risk of being embarrassed in public.”

In total, Valley police agencies have rounded up 150 johns this week.