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Don’t turn your personal sickness into the next office plague, stay home instead

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How many times have you heard this phrase in the past two weeks?

“Well, it’s just going around.”

Of course, they are referring to everybody in the office catching this ugly sickness that seems to be jumping from cubicle to cubicle, from office to office.

There is a simple explanation for this epidemic: people keep coming to the office while they are sick and spreading the disease!

We are only in week six of the 2016 calendar year and everyone seems to have used up all of their sick time already!

Why, why, why do people come into the office when they KNOW that they are sick, contagious and will spread whatever nonsense that is making them cough, sweat and sniffle?

This has to stop — now!

As a dad, there is a part of me that can understand sending your kids to school when they are sick. It’s tough when both mom and dad work and Junior pops out of bed with a temperature. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

But as parents, we know those kids who attend an educational petri dish on a daily basis will inevitably bring these germs home and get us sick.

So when those germs infiltrate your body and turn you into a contagious sloth, here is the best plan: STAY HOME!

“It’s going around” is no excuse to being the one that started the process of going around, in your own office.

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