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Arizona Super Bowl still needs 5,000 volunteers

PHOENIX — The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee has the “help wanted” sign out for volunteers.

The committee is looking for 5,000 volunteers to help out over a nearly two-week span at various Super Bowl-related events. Some will be at University of Phoenix Stadium on Feb. 1, others will surround the NFL Pro Bowl being held one week earlier.

Kathleen Mascarenas, a spokeswoman for the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee, said the helpers will perform a variety of tasks.

“You can help plant trees,” she said. “You can be an ambassador at the airport and help guide people in. You can help with hotels. You can part of our Super Bowl Central, which is going to be the hub of downtown Phoenix.”

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and enthusiastic.

However, anyone who thinks they will get a ticket to the Super Bowl by volunteering will probably be disappointed. Mascarenas joked that she doubts that even she will get a ticket to the big game.

“We’ll be right alongside of our volunteers, probably watching the game from somewhere off-site,” she said.

Mascarenas said that the committee’s goal is to have 10,000 volunteers. About 4,900 have signed up so far.

If you would like to volunteer, go to