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The apps your kids need before they head back to school

LISTEN: The apps your kids need before they head back to school

PHOENIX — There are many apps out that take note-taking, outlines and research to a digital level.

Other than traditional books and supplies, there are apps available that can give students a technological advantage.

“The mobile platforms are being embraced in and outside of school,” said Ken Colburn with Data Doctors. “A lot of schools are now going to an iPad for textbooks. There are no shortage of back-to-school apps that can really improve productivity and education.”

Here are a couple of Colburn’s favorites:

1. (Apple only) iTunes U: More than 600,000 free courses, books, lectures and more. All you need is an Apple ID to use in conjunction with the iTunes Store.

This app will work on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. You are able to learn whatever you want or need, no matter where you are.

2. Evernote: Text recognition in Evernote makes it a breeze to take a snapshot of a syllabus or assignment. As long as the text is not extremely tiny, all of your assignments for the semester will be easily searchable.

3. (Android only) Arcnote. The easiest way to take visual notes.

4. Wunderlist: Perfect for collaborating study projects and assignments with others.

“I always recommend to parents before they send a child off to school with a tablet, smart phone or a laptop,” said Colburn. “You must install some form of tracking software so that in the event it goes missing or it gets stolen, you have some potential for recovery or locating the device.”

Colburn’s favorite tracking app is called Prey. It’s free.