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Did you go to work Monday? Give yourself a Super pat on the back

Denver Broncos fans celebrate the team's victory over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 near intersection of 20th and Market Street late Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

OK, you hard-working Americans: Congratulations! You did it!

You dragged your tired, hungover, nacho-bloated body into the office Monday morning and made it through the day!

You should be proud of yourself. You knew exactly what yesterday was: A national party day that ran right into the beginning of the work week.

You planned ahead, prepared yourself and made it happen!

Pat yourselves on the back.

Now, I would like to address the more than 16.5 MILLION Americans that called in sick or the 7.5 million-plus that used the Super Bowl as an excuse to stumble in late this morning.

Maybe you had a bit more of your allotted share of the 325 million gallons of beer and 1.3 billion chicken wings that we collectively consumed yesterday.

That’s no excuse.

I would say you have regressed to the days when you would fake sick to get out of going to school, but that would be an insult to elementary school kids.

At least they plan ahead.

And know the order of the days of the week.

The Super Bowl is on a Sunday EVERY year! You start your work week EVERY Monday. This did not sneak up on you! The calendar did not call an audible!

I might lose my mind if I hear this cry for the Monday following the Super Bowl to be considered a national holiday one more time.

It’s time to end this nonsense. It’s time to man up and realize that, it might hurt, but you are an American and you WILL put on your big boy pants and get your tail to work, even on the day after the Super Bowl!

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