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Arizona rock band finds girl’s lost wallet in Texas, drives across state to return it

Members of The Black Moods, a rock band from Arizona, found a girl’s wallet left behind at a Texas gas station, and they drove halfway across the state to return it, as seen in a video (Warning: The clip contains some strong language) the group posted to YouTube on Monday.

The band said it was about 300 miles away from Austin, Texas, when its tour manager found the lost wallet full of cash at a gas station.

The group got in contact with the owner of the wallet on Facebook, and they drove to the metro Austin area to give the item to the girl’s father. One of the rockers said the group drove more than 250 miles across the state to return the pocketbook.

The video shows The Black Moods handing the wallet and one of their CDs to the dad, who was very grateful for their act of selflessness. The band even refused any form of payment from the father.

Note: The group said it found the wallet in Taylor, Texas, which is only about 35 miles outside of Austin. They most likely meant to say they were in the eastern Texas city of Tyler, which is approximately 230 miles away from the capital city. The band also said it was about 300 miles west of Austin when the video starts. Both Taylor and Tyler are northeast of Austin. Either way, making sure the wallet got back to its owner is commendable.