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Arizona organization joins call for immigration reform

PHOENIX — The Arizona Farm Bureau is just one of the many businesses and organizations from across the country that have joined forces to push Congress for comprehensive immigration reform.

“We have to combine enforcement, visa reform and dealing with those folks who are here without proper documentation,” said Joseph Sigg of the Arizona Farm Bureau.

In a recent news conference, the president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce suggested that business leaders are more determined than ever to fix the broken system.

“We need meaningful immigration reform to revitalize our economy and to remain a nation ruled by law, guided by principle, and driven by compassion and common sense,” said Thomas J. Donohue. “We’re going to continue to make the case in the nation’s capital and in every corner of this country and will use every tool and resource at our disposal. We’re not going to let up until the job gets done.”

According to numbers provided by Harper Polling, Inc.:

• Voters across Arizona recognize the immigration system is broken: By a 14-1 ratio, voters believe the system is in need of fixings versus those who think the system is functioning;

• Voters overwhelmingly reject arguments that the president’s unwillingness to enforce laws is grounds not to pass immigration reform. Two out of three voters reject the argument that the administration’s unwillingness to enforce laws is reason for Congress not to act;

• Voters don’t want Washington to wait to fix the immigration system. Eight-one percent of voters want Congress to act this year, with more than half calling it “very important.”

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