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Ariz. teen produces song about the fallen Hotshots

LISTEN: Arizona teenager produces song to remember Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew

PHOENIX — The Yarnell Hill Tragedy left the whole state in mourning, but it also left a wake of inspiration in the aftermath.

Cave Creek, Ariz., resident Madison Nightingale was only 12 when she learned about the fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots, but that didn’t stop her from trying to help.

As a passionate music student got out her guitar and decided to write a song called “19 Heroes.”

“I think it was important (to write the song) because it (the event) kind of touched my heart in a way that I thought I should show that I care about it and that people do care,” she explained.

She said her favorite part of the song is when she sings the verse about the families and the future families of the fallen men.

Nightingale, now 13, has filmed a music video, recorded in Hollywood and sang the song at her music school in Scottsdale.

But her dedication to helping the city of Prescott has not wavered. “19 Heroes” will soon be available on iTunes and all proceeds will go to the families of the fallen firefighters.

Nightingale will perform three songs, including “19 Heroes,” Monday afternoon at the Prescott Courthouse Square during the memorial services in Prescott, Ariz.

Click the link above to hear the song.