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ASU professor thrown to ground by police

PHOENIX — What began as a walk home from classes ended with a violent arrest for one Arizona State University professor.

Ersula Ore teaches English at ASU. On May 20, she crossed the street where there was not a crosswalk, claiming there was nearby street construction, CNN reported.

Campus police officer Stewart Ferrin spotted her and began asking questions. The questions escalated to him threatening to arrest her if she did not produce her ID.

Ore asked him questions in return, including why he was not treating her with the respect she deserved. Ferrin then pushed her against the his vehicle and then threw her on the ground, causing her skirt to rise above her hips, exposing parts of her body to onlookers. Another officer also appeared on the scene.

When she was finally lifted from the street, she kicked Ferrin in the shin.

ASU issued a statement saying:

“ASU authorities have reviewed the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the arrest of Assistant Professor Ersula Ore and have found that the officer involved did not violate protocol and no evidence was found of racial motivation by the ASU Police Department officers involved.”

The dash cam video of the incident is below, starting at 2:15.