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Phoenix debate over satanic invocation is sad day for America

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The decision has been made: The Phoenix City Council passed a measure 5-4 on Wednesday to eliminate prayer before meetings effective immediately.

Congratulations to the members of the Satanic Cult of Tucson. They were handed a victory on a silver platter by YOUR city council. They got exactly what they wanted: Prayer out of city meetings.

How did they win?

It’s simple: Your council members feel that our Constitutionally-protected freedom of religion means freedom FROM religions that they don’t like.

Let me be clear: I do not support ANYTHING satanic. I was born and raised a Christian man.

But I was also born and raised an American.

Here is an uncomfortable truth for many Americans: ALL of us are protected by the same blanket of freedom that hundreds of thousands of men and women died to earn and protect.

Yes, that means fellow Americans that you don’t like, that don’t look like you, that you don’t agree with and, YES, those that don’t pray the way you do.

The Phoenix City Council could have simply let these people, who followed the same application process as all that have come before them, deliver the invocation.

Yes, it would have made a headline or two, but like most things that we get fired up about, it would have quickly lost steam.

They could have waited until after the next meeting to propose changes to the application process and no one would have been the wiser.

But they didn’t and showed all of us that they feel the Constitution of the United States of America only applies to people or groups that agree with THEIR ideologies. They didn’t wait because it might have hurt them politically.

This is a sad day for our city, our state, the nation and all of those how have sacrificed for our freedom.

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