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Super adorable ad: Wiener dogs stampede in slow-mo

What’s cuter than a pack of wiener dog sprinting majestically across the prairie? Heinz features its most famous product and a pack of puppies in its Super Bowl 50 spot, which will air during the third quarter of Sunday’s big game.

The family of condiments, with grandpa in the old-school glass bottle and the ketchup packet played by a toddler, are part of Heinz’s new campaign.

After acquiring Kraft last year and releasing their first mustard product, it looks like Heinz wants you to know they’ve got your condiment needs covered. But honestly, the dachshunds stole the show.

The Super Bowl version of the ad will run 30 seconds, but you don’t want to miss the extended cut of “Weiner Stampede.”

The ad was produced by DAVID Miami, who wanted to kick off the new campaign “Meet the Ketchups” at the Big Game with a laugh.

“From the beginning of the creative process, we tried to find something simple, visual, and fun to communicate that hot dogs can’t resist the great taste of Heinz,” said Anselmo Ramos, founder and CCO, DAVID Miami, in a statement.

Heinz’s last Super Bowl spot also focused on the family, with people tapping ketchup bottles to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” It ended with grandma squeezing and empty plastic bottle, making a farting sound. Awkward!

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