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Even for desert, Phoenix has been ridiculously dry

PHOENIX — The number of rainless days in Phoenix is piling up.

As of Tuesday, the last time Phoenix received measurable rainfall was 113 days ago on March 2. Jessica Nolte, a spokeswoman for the National Weather Service, said another day will push the period into a four-way tie for the Valley’s 10th-longest streak without rain. It also happened in 1968, 1991 and 1996.

“With those other years the streaks were broken in the month of July between the sixth and 15th. The monsoon stands a really good chance of breaking our dry streak,” Nolte said.

The record run without rainfall in Phoenix is 160 days, which ended in June 1972. There’s a tie for the second- longest dry streaks at 143 days. One of those streaks ended in March 2006 while the other ended in July 1960.