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Owner of Gilbert dog boarding facility tells their side of the story

LISTEN: Gilbert Boarding Facility Dog Deaths

Green Acre Dog Boarding has quickly become the scene of a dog owners worst nightmare after a dog chewed through the wires of an air conditioning unit, resulting in the death of 20 dogs.

The destroyed wire allegedly caused the dogs to suffer from heat exhaustion.

MaLeisa Hughes, the owner of the dog boarding home, spoke with Mac & Gaydos to give her side of the story.

Hughes and her family had been on a family vacation in Florida when her daughter and son-in-law, who had been left in charge of the dogs, called to explain the tragedy.

“It’s something I don’t ever want to hear again, they [Hughes’ daughter and son-in-law] were screaming and crying,” said Hughes. “They saw dogs already passed away or dogs struggling and the room was about 100 degrees.”

Saturday morning Hughes’ husband called the dog owners claiming their dogs had run away.

“He told a few people that their dogs had run away and his intention was that he would call them back and spend the time he needed [to explain the situation],” Hughes said.
“That’s the one mistake we’ve made.”

Besides their own personal grief Hughes says there is another reason she can’t sleep at night.

“All night long I have threats against my life,” Hughes said. “I received a phone call threatening that somebody was going to come by and shoot all my children.”

Although she understands the grief these owners are feeling, Hughes’ dog Patrick passed away in the accident as well, she is shocked by their reactions.

“We went from being the greatest thing that ever happen to their dog to murderers.”

Hughes said Green Acre’s will be closing their doors.

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