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Company warns of security risks of wearable technology

PHOENIX — The personal security company Identity Theft 911 is warning that things like Google Glass, Google Fit and Apple’s Health Kit could leave you vulnerable. Hackers, or anyone who has your device after it is lost or stolen, could get access to your important information.

That’s because these so-called wearable technology devices use detailed GPS logs that contain information on anything from your health information to which ATM you use.

Ken Colburn of the Data Doctors says that you shouldn’t be surprised.

“This notion of complete privacy and complete security, those days are long gone,” he said.

Colburn isn’t worried about wearable technology risks. He says that your smart phone is more of a security risk because it has tons of information and reports its location to your cell phone company every seven seconds.

He says that both smart phones and wearable devices are already equipped with security devices that can protect you.

The capabilities include. “setting up any kind of remote monitoring or tracking of the device so that (you can find them) in case they get lost or stolen, and being able to remotely destroy the information on it. Most of those capabilities are built in to a lot of these devices. You just need to learn how to activate them,” Colburn said.