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Phoenix dog dies after nine-pound tumor removed

PHOENIX — A Valley dog died Tuesday after a veterinarian removed a tumor weighing more than nine pounds.

The 7-year-old boxer mix, Myla, underwent the procedure at North Scottsdale Animal Hospital, where a veterinarian removed the 9.3-pound tumor.

The surgery was arranged and paid for by a pet sanctuary.

“Myla was turned into county by her owner who could not afford to take care of her, in short,” said Kim Sasso, the director of foster and medical care at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary.

Sasso said the sanctuary received help paying for the surgery through a fundraising campaign.

“When things come up like this — when kids need help, when dogs need help — people can be awesome,” she said.

The sanctuary originally said Myla survived the surgery. She passed away several hours later.