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Swimming pool can pump up insurance costs

PHOENIX — Watching kids around water and making sure a pool has a fence and locking gate are the most common pieces of advice for homeowners with swimming pools.

Here’s another piece: Homeowners should yake a look at their insurance policy to make sure that someone’s accident around the pool doesn’t leave their bank account high and dry.

“Ask your insurance agent regarding limits of liability on your homeowners insurance,” said John Candaso, an insurance agent for Triple A Arizona.

“We do encourage you to increase your liability limits from $300,000 up to $1 million.”

Candaso said some things about a pool may cause problems with an insurance company.

“If you have a diving board or a slide, insurance companies will charge more,” he said. “They kind of frown upon pools that have those. A lot of insurance companies won’t even cover you if you have a pool or a slide.”

Candaso said that an insurance company may raise rates 3 to 5 percent upon installation of a pool.