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Phoenix demonstration calls for U.S. intervention in Iraq

PHOENIX — Demonstrators gathered in downtown Phoenix on Friday to call for American support in Iraq.

As the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad is threatened with being overrun by advancing Sunni insurgents, just a few short years after the United States returned control to the Iraqi government, fellow countrymen and women in Phoenix are calling for U.S. intervention.

“I want to see the peace come back to my country,” said Mohammed Al-Jamili, one of the demonstrators.

Al-Jamili said about 50 people showed up carrying signs, chanting and marching down Washington Street to the Sandra Day O’Connor Federal Courthouse building. They are asking for American assistance in combating the terrorist advances.

“What was the reason that the United States Army came to Iraq? To see a better country, to let the dictator go, so right now we have another problem (and) it’s terrorism,” Al-Jamili said. “Sure Saddam Hussein is gone, but someone else came…and probably we cannot face that alone.”

Al-Jamili said he and fellow demonstrators expect to hold more gatherings to continue to show support for their country and call for U.S. aid in the coming weeks.