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Blog: Phoenix’s tech community could be as great as London’s

PHOENIX — London is not the same as it used to be three years ago. The east side has been transformed and is now known as London’s Tech City.

According to Francine Hardaway, blogger for the Phoenix Business Journal, London has manufactured a place for innovation out of an undesirable or central location.

The same can be achieved in Phoenix.

London has manufactured a place for innovation out of a not-very-desirable or central location. We’ve got lots of those. What we lack is the spirit of partnership that appears to govern London’s effort. Chandler has done its damnedest with Gangplank to create an environment for technology, as has Mesa, but they haven’t really taken off.

She writes that perhaps what we’re missing is the one company that will put some money into the community to foster the next generation of innovators.

GoDaddy could possibly be able to grow enough to create a central hub for innovation for the Phoenix area, or maybe it will be Infusionsoft, which has always been more community minded.