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Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire primaries and beyond: A talk with leading pollsters

David Moore (left) and Andrew Smith.

One day before the Iowa caucuses and one week before the New Hampshire primary, the Think Tank brings together a panel of pollsters including the former editor of the Gallup Poll and the director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, the principal New Hampshire-based survey research organization:

  • David Moore is a former vice president of the Gallup Organization where he was editor of the Gallup Poll for 13 years. He is a former director of the UNH Survey Center and is now a Senior Fellow at UNH. He has won a 2015 Eppy for his blog on polling.
  • Andrew Smith is director of the Survey Center at the University of New Hampshire. If you read about a CNN poll in New Hampshire, it was done by the Survey Center at UNH.

Moore and Smith are co-authors of the just published “The First Primary: New Hampshire’s Outsize Role in Presidential Nominations.”

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